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Design Sponge featuring two Pak Oriental Rugs

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Written by Sunday, 01 December 2013 19:22;
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Persian Vintage Tribal rugs in and eclectic setting

Can Persian vintage tribal rugs work in an eclectic setting?  We certainly believe so.  In this post are our rugs which perfectly complement our clients Noe Valley, San Francisco, California home, helping to tie together the furniture and home decor to create a space they could only call their own.  The rugs styles selected in combination with the decor is very much reflective of the clients style and personality.  The rugs are an integral part of each space.

In the living room, the tables, the couch, the artwork and the  pillows are all brought together with the help of the Vintage Persian rug.  The perfect rug was chosen to complement the space.


Likewise in the bedroom the bright punches of the magenta and turquoise colors in the vintage Persian tribal rug help offset against the dark walls making a dramatic statement!


See link below to see the rest of the home. Thanks for the mention Design Sponge!