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Rug Cleaning (Stain Removal & Wash)

Pak Oriental Rugs offers a comprehensive wash & repair service. The repair work can be diverse such as flood damage, chewing by dogs, stain removal, fire damage, general wear and tear, etc. Advice is given on the work necessary to restore the piece to its former glory, whether it be a small repair such as re-fringing of the ends or a larger project involving extensive re-weaving of large areas of the rug. Whether the repair is small or large, clients are amazed at the quality of work and often times need to be reminded of where the repairs have been made. Our wash service is one of the best in California. Our wash experts have made people smile time and time again when they see their rugs being brought back to what they looked like when they first bought them.


Rug Repair & Restoration

Our wash service always takes into consideration the quality of the rug which includes the types of dyes, the wool or silk, yes silk can be cleaned also, and the age of the rug. All of these important factors can significantly impact the outcome of your rug being washed. One common misconception is that handmade rugs should be dry cleaned. We do not recommend dry cleaning rugs as many customers ask us if they should do this. The dry cleaners do not take into account the type of dye, the quality of the wool/silk and or the age. We have had customers bring in handmade rugs after having them ruined by large wall to wall cleaning services, and 9 times out of 10 we have been able to remove the mistakes caused by them. Before you give you beautiful rugs to anyone else, bring them into us and you will walk out completely satisfied with the results. We recommend having your rug washed approximately every 3-5 years depending on traffic. If you spill red wine bring it in immediately, as removing red wine stains is usually a more difficult process, but never the less, it can also be removed. Animal accidents/urine etc., is another one that is very difficult to remove so if this happens bring in your rug right away. Remember BLOT do not SCRUB. Soak as much of the liquid as you can out of the rug with a clean white cloth/towel. Additionally you can use a spoon to scoop out as much liquid as possible. .

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Pak Oriental Rugs offers a comprehensive wash & repair service.

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